What does Retro House Love So-Cal Sell?

We sell Mid Century Modern and retro furniture and home furnishings.

These are the real deal! Some examples of what you might find among our curated collection could include:

  • Adrian Pearsall chairs
  • Marcel Breuer Wassily chairs
  • Grete Jalk
  • Marimekko
  • Herman Miller
  • A selection of studio pottery
  • A selection of swung art and retro glassware
  • Peter Max
  • David Weidman
  • Cool art pieces
  • At certain times, we also may feature a small selection of new products, designed in MCM style

We strive to have an inventory throughout the store that is constantly evolving. We are always on the hunt for new goodies and we believe that if we would wear it, or put it in our home, we YOU might feel the same way!