On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me………..


These vases personify 1960’s glassware for me as I think of my childhood home where my mom had funky orange striped furniture, in a split level ranch house that my dad built. The best part was the sandstone fireplace that he created by hand, with pieces that jutted out. You’ve probably figured this out already-on the jutted out pieces were the art glass vases. Led by Viking Glassware, these are the tall and short vases that are wide at the bottom, and then stretched or pulled at the top, to be skinnier. Often in colors such as orange, turquoise, amber, green, and others, but those are the ones I remember and also the ones we currently have in stock in the store. They can be footed, have hobnail or texture (Fenton did those), be two tone, and also have like a cut glass appearance. There were also other items as well that fell into the swung and art glass category, but the vases are my favorite.

I think these make a great gift! Especially grouped in 3’s! Several years ago, David Bromstead of HGTV fame kinda put these back on the map (although not the case for us MCM lovers-we KNOW the beauty of these vases!), for the masses. He used them in interiors he did, his home, and I even think they were in a mag/advertisement for one of the companies he designed product for. They could be sitting on a shelf, or better yet, a window where the light can come through and all mixed up by color and size. Also cool is to do a color spectrum-all ambers, leading to orange, then to turquoise………

So, if you need a really cool, thoughtful, MCM gift or holiday party present, consider a SWUNG ART VASE!

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