FAQ…frequently asked questions

Q. What is the process for a sale?

A. This has been described as “turning a house upside down.” We bring in tables and start seperating and sorting. Things come out of cabinets, cupboards, boxes and storage. Our goals are to see what is there, and to put “like” categories together to make shopping easier. We spend alot of time researching , taking pictures for advertising and pricing. We set up a house so it’s as easy as possible to maneuver, with clear walk ways. In a sense, we are “staging.”

Q. How long does it take to have a sale?

A. The answer to that depends on the house, quantity of items and schedule of our client. Our schedule also plays a role with that, but we always try to be accomodating. We’ve put sales together in as quickly as a few days – the longest was a month and a half. The duration of a sale is typically 2 to 4 days, and again that depends on how densely packed a house is.

Q. Do you take into account social distancing and COVID restrictions

A. Absolutely. With ever changing guidance, restrictions and requirements – we always work to keep our clients, shoppers and team safe and healthy.

Q. What happens to everything that is left over?

A. At the end of the sale, we can make the remains go away. If we are charged with providing an empty house – that is what we do. Some things that could happen include donating what remains, having a ‘super liquidation’, or (if needed), hire out for services.

Exceptions to this could be large pieces of furniture requiring multiple movers, soiled mattresses and damaged furniture – which cannot be donated.

Q. How long have I been in business?

A. The business originally started out as a store in 2011, then estate sales were added shortly after. Unofficially, I’ve been leading estate sales and reselling for years before my business actually launched. This current career comes on the heels of 25+ years in retail with many of those years as a corporate executive.

Q. Commission?

A. There are no out of pocket expenses for our clients. The commission is a 60/40 split, with 60% going to the client. The only other possible fee could be for the disposal of electronics, mattresses and damaged furniture. Anything not saleable and not suitable for donation would have to go to the dump. Electronics have to be recycled, but in some cases they are donatable. We take credit cards and there is a 2.75% fee per transaction, which is a shared expense as the fee is taken out before we see the money.

Q. How long after the sale would you be paid?

A. In a matter of days. We take credit cards and Venmo (see the commission section) and after the cards have been processed, we pay our client.

Q. Do you have a contract?

A. Yes!

Q. Field of expertise?

A. My area of expertise is mid century modern furniture, decor and housewares. Included in that is furniture and housewares from most decades. Being experienced in this business has given me generalized expertise in many categories – I know a lot about a lot! The people I work with have interests in vintage clothing, books, fabrics and some art. We have experts that we rely on for other categories, as needed.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, we are insured. It is also worth mentioning that close to 100% of our sales have been referral based. If you desire references, we will get them for you.