To match or not to match, that is the question. Just like symmetry, either being “balanced” or matching is truly a preference. However, some of the most engaging interiors or displays are those based on neither one of these principles. Art, for arts sake, is just that. You should buy art based on how it makes you feel; you should be drawn to a piece because it speaks to you, not because the colors are correct-although that doesn’t hurt!

At Retro House Love, we have some really great pieces of art! Of course this is an unbiased opinion? Here’s a list of some things currently in the store starting with my favorite….

1. A David Weidman signed litho called Carousel. A really great piece in purples, turquoise, green and maize. A bit of trivia, he was one of the creators of the Mr. Magoo cartoon-for those of you old enough to remember that! This is a collectible piece and yes, I said PURPLE is in there!
2. A Peter Max signed and numbered litho called The Peach Lady. Who likes peach these days?? If you know what she looks like, put her in a yellow frame and voila! She’s a statement! What if she were in our current interior worlds of grey, since grey is the newest beige-she’d be stunning!
3. Abstracts. We got em. A few small, a few larger. Some are paintings, one is a really cool 70’s graphic op art piece, but ALL ARE COLORFUL.
4. How’s about a nude? I find I really like nudes that are disproportionate and imperfect. WE EVEN HAVE A NUDE-ish PHOTO OF LAUREN HUTTONS BOOB, by Richard Avedon.
5. Encaustic art. What is that? It is art with a heat application.
We have a couple small pieces, very vibrant in yellows and oranges and would also fit in the abstract category.
6. Retro art like Sampans. What is that, you might be wondering?? Boats with big sails, Asian, show up in a lot of 60’s-70’s paintings. Most of the time framed in some big heavy wood.
I see them reframed instead of “Mediterranean Gothic.”
7. Wall hangings. Love, love ❤️ these. Weavings, owl macrame, hook rugs, these things have great texture and are fun! Newly in,
hook rugs hanging, most likely from the 60’s. The “funnest” is a dragon in reds. When my mom was doing this stuff, trust me, a dragon was not in her craft room of shells and yarn and faux florals, if you know what I mean. This dragon is COOL.

Ok, so all kinds of artsy stuff here at Retro House Love. And yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but don’t be afraid to not match your art and furniture. Be eclectic, be creative, make a statement! If you like it, who cares?

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