If you start following the Retro House Love blog, or your search engines happen to pick something up, then you’ll probably realize that there are TWO Retro House Love ❤️ stores. My life has become immersed in collecting, buying and selling MCM and retro home furnishings and furniture. One store is in Denver, being run by some great people there, and the other is in Escondido CA, run by me (Linda) and Cathy, the mistress of bling, who hasn’t made her appearance here yet-technical difficulties. Here’s how it all began:
1. I am a veteran at retail. I have worked at more than several companies, both clothing and furniture, and have been at many different levels-some even executive level.
2. I have been collecting and buying and selling in some capacity, MCM FURNITURE and housewares for 25 years.
3. I am mid century:). Ha-get it? I grew up in an MCM house that my dad designed and built by himself. Subsequently, my husband and I have lived in several MCM houses, with our favorites being in Elgin Illinois, and Denver CO.
4. I’m not new at any of this stuff.
5. In the 90’s with the cocktail craze beginning and martinis and cosmos becoming the rage, my husband created an off-shoot of a business that I had and he called it Martiniart.com. We became an online retailer of ? cocktail related items and we did this for ALOT OF YEARS. I think Sex and the City was responsible for the cocktail craze, but it segued right into Mad Men and beyond. Our product was new and vintage and we mixed them together.
When we created a physical location for Martiniart, the vintage furniture part became larger.
6. As an aside, while many people have liked the MCM styles for lots of years, the popularity really started in the mid 1990’s. As I chat with people, the common phrase is, “it’s so popular now, it’s really making a comeback.” That’s a long comeback in my book-we’re looking at 20 years here!
7. When we moved to Denver, I decided that it was time to do this MCM THING full time.
8. Retro House Love was born. Opened a small boutique on Pearl St. in Denver and a couple years later, moved to a larger location in SE Denver. The estate sale business was created after the store was about 6 months old. Both flourished and here we are going on 6 years. Let me say it, not new concepts by any means, however I feel lucky to have been successful at this when sometimes the business climates are not kind to small businesses.
9. We moved to CA and I was tired and thought I was done with this. Any of you that fancy yourselves as PICKERS, you know, it’s a hard thing to “turn off.”
10. Retro House Love SoCal November 2016.

If you come to visit the SoCal store, here’s what you can expect;
A well presented and edited collection of cool MCM AND RETRO THINGS. I like to think of the store as a boutique. This is not a shit show of a bunch of stuff thrown in and we call it a store. AND, you will find reasonable prices?

Those are my reflections as we usher 2016 out. I didn’t know I was writing a timeline-THANK GOD I LEFT OUT THE PERSONAL STUFF! Come visit the store!

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