Jens Risom

Just recently, I acquired a couple of pieces of furniture by Jens Risom for Knoll. Jens is a Danish/American furniture designer who has rubbed shoulders with many iconic and favored MCM
movers and shakers. I realize you can look all this up, so I’ll make it short!! He came to the US in 1939, then in 1942 joined Hans Knoll to form the Hans Knoll Furniture Company. I believe the frames are maple, and the fabric is the original wool hopsack in beige. The condition is good vintage, and I would date these as from the mid 1940’s, but I could be off. The design is pretty stellar and just so simple that these pieces could live in almost any environment. To say that I feel lucky to have them is an understatement! They are in the store, front and center! And they’re comfortable! Also worth mentioning is that Jens turned 100 this year!

If you’re in Southern California¬†, swing through Escondido and see the shop and these wonderful Knoll pieces of furniture.

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